Anthony Joshua Vs Francis Ngannou, When Is The Biggest Fight, What Is Date?

Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou will deliver an exciting crossover heavyweight matchup this Friday night on Sky Sports Box Office that promises to ignite fans worldwide. Don’t miss this monumental event that brings two titans from two distinct disciplines together on stage for one unforgettable night – boxing legend Anthony Joshua against mixed martial artist Francis Ngannou is sure to put fans across the globe buzzing!

How Much Will it Cost?

In the UK and Republic of Ireland respectively, Sky customers can secure their spot for PS19.95 per viewer; and EUR24.95 until midnight Thursday March 7th 2019. Booking in advance makes financial sense when watching this amazing battle for supremacy unfold live! If this event appeals to you and you plan on watching live coverage of it on March 7, be sure to secure it quickly before this offer closes – don’t delay in booking now if possible!

What Happens After an Early Booking Period Ends?

Post early booking period, event prices change accordingly. From midnight on Thursday March 7 to the end of Friday March 8, all “self-service” bookings made remotely or online remain priced at PS19.95/EUR24.95 while over the phone bookings via Interactive Voice Response or talking directly with an agent cost PS24.95 / EUR29.95 with any added PS2 booking fees applicable when doing this through them.

Can Booking Late Save Me Money?

Starting midnight Friday March 8th the event price reverts back to its initial PS19.95/EUR24.95 (ROI). This gives last-minute decision makers an ideal opportunity to still catch all the action at an attractive lower cost.

How Can I Book This Event? Booking this must-see event is straightforward for Sky customers: just use their remote to navigate directly to Sky Sports Box Office channel, then follow on-screen instructions; alternatively you can book via the Sky Sports website itself; just ensure your subscription and payment information are active to avoid last-minute surprises!

What Are My Booking Options If I Prefer Booking Over the Phone?

If online or remote control booking doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, phone booking can still be easy and efficient. Utilize IVR or contact directly with an agent – however phone booking may cost slightly more. Remember though – live agents offer more personalized services at slightly increased costs!

Are There Any Additional Charges?

Be mindful that booking via live agents incurs an additional PS2 booking fee – something to bear in mind when planning your viewing budget.

What Are My Viewing Options?

Sky offers flexible viewing. You can watch the fight live as it occurs or select from two repeat showings at 6am and 4pm on Saturday, March 9 if prior commitments preclude you from watching live. Don’t miss out!

Can I watch it on Sky Glass?

Sky Glass provides the premier interactive TV experience and makes viewing fights effortless. By consolidating all Sky services into one location, viewers with Sky Glass can watch in high definition without needing a satellite dish to enjoy them all at the same time.

This fight marks more than a sporting event – it marks an historic crossover that brings fans from both boxing and mixed martial arts together in celebration. No matter whether you support Anthony Joshua or Francis Ngannou, this guide should ensure you’re well prepared to book and experience this unforgettable clash in heavyweight combat sports! Don’t miss out!

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