Free Fire Makes Its Mark in the Esports World Cup

On February 22, Garena unveiled thrilling developments for fans of Free Fire, its flagship battle royale shooter game. In a significant leap for the game’s competitive scene, the leading global online games developer announced that Free Fire will be showcased at the inaugural Esports World Cup.

This monumental event is set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, marking a summer highlight for the global esports community.

This announcement not only underscores Free Fire’s rising prominence in the world of esports but also spotlights its growing international player base and competitive acclaim.

The Esports World Cup Showdown: A $1,000,000 Battle Royale

The intensity and anticipation for the Esports World Cup: Free Fire is at an all-time high as 18 teams gear up to compete from July 10 to 14 for a share of the staggering $1,000,000 prize pool. These formidable teams will emerge from five local Free Fire tournaments and the ESL’s Free Fire Snapdragon Pro Series, showcasing their skills in the Group Stage during the initial three days.

Following this, the top 12 teams will advance to the nail-biting Finals spanning the last two days. Adding to the prestige, the victor of this rigorous competition will not only claim a significant part of the prize pool but also earn a coveted spot in the Free Fire World Series Global Finals 2024, set to take place in Brazil this November.

This South American nation, which hosted the event’s inaugural edition in 2019, saw its team, Magic Squad, crowned as the current world champions, enhancing its reputation in the esports arena. This announcement is part of Garena’s recent unveiling of the 2024 esports roadmap for Free Fire, which promises a return to the Free Fire World Series model and introduces a mid-year global tournament, with further details eagerly anticipated by fans.

Alongside the adrenaline-pumping action on the digital battlefield, fans worldwide stay on the edge of their seats, making strategies and placing their bets on their favorite teams through platforms like FanDuel Casino, blending the excitement of esports with the thrill of online betting.

Free Fire Among Six Premier Games Featured at Esports World Cup

Garena’s smartphone sensation, Free Fire, is not the inaugural marquee esports title to secure its berth at the Esports World Cup. It joins the ranks alongside Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2, Honor of Kings, and StarCraft II, which were the pioneering games to announce their participation in this prestigious event. According to the official release, these games collectively cater to a broad spectrum of the esports community.

StarCraft II is lauded for its legacy within the original esports fanbase, marking one of the earliest significant competitive scenes. Counter-Strike 2 is heralded as representing the “new era” of esports. Meanwhile, Mobile Legends showcases the diversification of esports into mobile platforms, a testament to the evolving landscape of competitive gaming.

The Mobile Legends are superseding the game’s Southeast Asia Cup: Bang Bang Mid Season Cup (MSC), which, along with the MLBB Women’s Invitational (MWI), is slated to take place in the capital of the West Asian country.

This multidisciplinary tournament fills the void left by Gamers8, previously one of the most lucrative competitions across various games like Dota 2, Rocket League, PUBG, CS2, PUBG Mobile, Street Fighter, and Rainbow 6.

According to our databases, the Dota 2 Riyadh Masters 2023 boasted the highest prize pool in the event’s history at $15,120,000, setting a remarkable standard for esports competitions. This Dota 2 event remains the most popular and viewed competition in the series, outperforming the next highest entry, Gamers8 2023’s CS 2 event, by an impressive 166%.


Including Free Fire at the Esports World Cup marks a pivotal moment in the game’s history and a significant leap for mobile gaming in the esports arena. As teams from around the globe prepare to descend upon Riyadh for this grand event, the anticipation among fans and players reaches a fever pitch.

With a hefty prize pool and the honor of competing on one of esports’ biggest stages at stake, the competition promises to be fierce. This event positions Free Fire as a leading title in mobile esports and underscores the growing importance and acceptance of mobile games in the competitive gaming ecosystem.

The Esports World Cup is a testament to the vibrant, diverse, and rapidly evolving landscape of global esports, where games like Free Fire push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

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