Virgil Cause Of Death, Former WWE Wrestling Star Mike Jones ‘Virgil’ Dead Due To Colon Cancer?

As news of former WWE star Michael “Virgil” Jones’s passing spreads throughout the wrestling community, sadness washes over them all. Best known for his memorable presence on- and off-stage, from his debut match back in 1985 until post-retirement ventures after retirement; this piece provides insight into his life, struggles and legacy that will live on in memory.

Who Is Michael “Virgil” Jones?

Michael Jones began a professional wrestling career that would occupy over 10 years and leave an indelible mark on WWE history. Debuting in 1985 as the bodyguard for “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (Virgil), Jones quickly made himself notable within the ring while showing both his wrestling prowess and theatrical flair in that role.

Who was behind Virgil Jones’ character of “Virgil?”

Jones was more than just an outstanding wrestler; many loved his charismatic charm and welcoming nature. Following his WWE tenure he transitioned into World Championship Wrestling (WCW) under Vincent to maintain relevance within today’s ever-evolving wrestling landscape.

Why Did His Health Decline?

Jones faced numerous health difficulties during the final years of his life. These included strokes, dementia and stage II colon cancer – conditions which marked an important departure from his vibrant public persona and demonstrated what many athletes face after their careers conclude.

But how did Jones’ health issues impede on his life outside the ring? Jones’ declining health presented both personal and financial struggles; due to mounting medical bills and continuing care needs, mounting medical bills necessitated creating a GoFundMe page in an attempt to ease some of this financial strain borne by his family; such an action helped shed light on some often-overlooked struggles faced by retired athletes.

How Did the Wrestling Community Respond?

On hearing of his passing, fans and fellow wrestlers shared in our grief. Mark “The Count” Charles III took to Facebook to announce Jones’s passing; thus making this tragic event known throughout the wrestling community.

But what have his fans and colleagues been saying about him? Social media platforms and wrestling forums have been filled with tributes and memories of someone much greater than his in-ring persona; from tales of kindness to memories of performances; it is evident that Virgil left an impactful legacy far beyond wrestling ring walls.

As we remember Michael ‘Virgil’ Jones and reflect upon his legacy in wrestling, it’s essential that we ask ourselves: what impact has his life had? Despite health challenges he endured later, his legacy remains one of resilience, entertainment and humanizing the wrestler.

His journey from popular wrestling figure to chronic health challenges serves as a poignant reminder of their vulnerabilities as public figures; nonetheless, his legacy will always be defined by joyous entertainment he brought fans worldwide.

Michael “Virgil” Jones marked an end to an era for wrestling enthusiasts and those who followed his career, marking its conclusion with his death this month. From fame and fortune, to illness and hardship – Michael ‘Virgil’ Jones represented all aspects of being an influential public figure.

As wrestling mourns Michael ‘Virgil’ Jones’ death, it’s essential that we remember who he really was: the person behind his persona; battles fought; legacy left behind and how loved he will always remain in many hearts. Michael “Virgil” Jones will remain remembered fondly by many people worldwide.

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